“I am grateful to be in a position where I can apply for a job”. Anthony began his journey with Liberty Employment Services in the Community Integration Program. He volunteered at Kelso Elementary School by helping the teachers and office staff giving him the experience for future employment. His job coach, Rhonda and Anthony were meeting for the first time to set a plan for his employment goals. Anthony presented himself as polite, smart, and willing to learn. He was enthusiastic about future employment opportunities and was open to any work field. Anthony was the perfect candidate for the Supported Employment Program, he aspired to be employed at a full-time job to help support his mother. 


Anthony’s job coach, Rhonda and job developer, Jazmine collaborated with him; he was proficient working with students. Anthony aspired to work at a school or in a grocery store. He wanted to work with people in the community. His job developer, Jazmine arranged a meeting with The Crossing Guard Company. The company became interested in partnering with Liberty Employment Services in order to assist adults with disabilities to find jobs. The interview consisted of Anthony presenting his resume and reviewing job expectations and duties as a cross guard. The job Developer and Anthony filled out a job application, within one-week Anthony and the case manager, Laura attended orientation. Anthony passed all the exams and became a school Cross Guard.


Anthony was hired in the summer of 2018 as a cross guard, he began working 2-3 times per week by covering for employees who were absent. His Supervisor noticed his ambition and commitment, he was offered a permanent position in the city of Beverly Hills.  Anthony helped students cross to school every morning and afternoon. “I want to work hard and learn from my mistakes” is what he told his Supervisor. He worked with a smile on his face every shift and became loved by the community. The students showed their appreciation to Anthony by giving him gifts at the end of the school year. In February of 2019 Anthony was asked to a main intersection, Anthony’s supervisor knew he was ready to work with heavier traffic and gave him the opportunity. Every milestone placed in Anthony’s path has been achieved by his will to succeed in life. Anthony was granted the Employee of the Year award on June 2019, showing every person that anything is possible when you show commitment and a positive attitude. He is an inspiration to his co-workers and peers as he achieved this award within one year. 


Anthony is passionate about working for the Beverly Hill community and is excited to obtain future employment awards. He continues to gain relevant work experience and wants to obtain a second part time job. The second job will allow Anthony to continue paying for his living expenses.