Liberty Employment Services

"Providing Services to Adults with Intellectual Disabilities"

Liberty Services offers a variety of services tailored to meet the individual needs of interest of each consumer to discover full or part time employment, job, or work experience through volunteering. We will provide the best practices to ensure each adult with intellectual disabilities has the opportunity to have a full and productive career choice in a natural setting.

Liberty Employment provides services to participants with a variety of intellectual disabilities, including behaviors. Our program will provide behavioral assessment and support planning when needed at the day program to help aid the client as they transition to main stream opportunities.

Liberty Services integrate a Career Advocate to facilitate the transition and assimilation of clients into mainstream employment. We will accomplish this mission by operating a supported work module, computer lab, arts and crafts, horticultural, physical fitness, volunteer services, personal care and mobility training programs. Our program provides real work, wages and personalized care as a mechanism for clients to live independent and productive lives. Our pledge is to help each client based on his/her individual needs and assessment optimum results.



Years Serving communities

Liberty Employment Services has successfully provided services for adults with developmental disabilities from he greater Los Angeles communities since 2013.



thousand Employment opportunites established

Our programs provide community based employment which is designed to assist individuals to develop their natural talents and abilities, enabling them to be productive members of society.



Thousand Adults Impacted

Liberty Employment Services strives to meet the needs of the persons served who are from various ethic and cultural backgrounds.